The Rainbow PUSH Coalition’s International Trade Bureau was founded over 30 years ago with one agenda in mind - leveling the economic playing field. It grew out of the commercial division of Operation Breadbasket and continues today by assisting its members in various service industries.

Our mission is to bring about parity within the business world for minority and women-owned businesses that have been systematically excluded from corporate America.

For over thirty years we have engaged in advocacy on behalf of our members, helping them gain access to new opportunities. We provide referrals and networking opportunities for our members in both the public and private sectors and encourage and arrange horizontal trade among our members. Active membership is the key to benefiting from the Trade Bureau.

The Trade Bureau holds an open meeting on the first Thursday of every month at 8:00 p.m. at Rainbow PUSH national headquarters in Chicago. It’s a great place to network and get information to help your business or career.

As a response to today’s tight job market, ITB launched an Employment Assistance Initiative. It is our goal to bring qualified individuals to the attention of potential employers for their consideration. Our role is to get your information to potential employers who may or may not seek you out for an interview. We do not participate in the decision making process.