People United to Serve Humanity (PUSH) Food Security program has a focus of providing meals on Thanksgiving and bags of food throughout December.

Despite the success of this program over the years, it has weighed on our leadership, our staff, and our members that the need is year-round and we can do more.

So much more. We've all seen the toll hunger takes but not always whom it affects. Your neighbor, a coworker, the child sitting next to your child at school, even the parent that works two jobs to provide for their family may be skipping meals due to food insecurity.

This #GivingTuesday we are asking you to give to expand our food program. With your donation, a child can eat their lunch at school, they won't need to 'save' any of it for fear of going to bed hungry. A father can eat a nutritious meal to give him the energy to keep going for his family. A senior can take their medicine without rationing it and possibly risking their life. Your gift can truly change a person's life and provide that little bit of hope that we all need, knowing that a brighter day is coming.

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Bookmark us in your browser and keep checking back. You are our partner in this and we will be providing updates on the $50,000 goal, more information on what Food Insecurity is, more ways for you to help, and the program expansion as we put pieces in place.

(If we can meet our year-end goal, January will bring an exciting milestone...stay tuned!)